Recent Work

In order to protect our clients and agency partners we don't show work that isn't yet released to the public or is done with our white label partners. Still, lot's of good stuff we can show you!

A short story without words. 

When Erik Larson decided to leave public service and start his own private investigations firm, he did it with a bang! We have a fun time spoofing the action hero while also spoofing our own creative agency instincts at the same time. A fun long-form promotional film that earned Erik a ton of attention when he was first getting his business off the ground.
This cinematic music video tells a story through a series of encounters that brings the viewer to an emotional reconciliation with the artists message.
Shine Papers teams up with Solstice Growers for this promotional series. Numerous social media spots were generated from this 4-minute behind the scenes interview.
Extended cuts from the 100% live concert film at the Crododile Café.
Working with the chamber to capture their 2017 South Sound Summit event and develop promotional materials for future iterations!
Working with the Merritt campaign to create this 30s cut for cable television as well as 6 other spots for social media!
Kush Carter's brings raw street edge in his performance of Real One
This Veteran owned, for-veterans real estate firm commissioned this social media film (and offshoots) for a launch campaign. Great fun to work on and a great cause!
Guild Mortgage commissioned this film chronicling this couple's experience working their local Guild mortgage team.

Promotion for Jacob Drives, a compelling motivational series that addresses fitness and discipline. 

For this somber, moving song, we travelled with Peter to the rainforests around Lake Crescent for this music video about a day he spent there on his travels.

Part of the Jim Merritt for Mayor campaign; Jim speaks of our sacred responsibility to look after our environment. 

A series of short films for Whiskey Ink & Lace. Long-form lifestyle videos set to rugged musical selections, these films convey the can-do attitude of the brand. .
100% live, on site concert film for Stacey Jones. 24-Track recording, 4-camera shoot.

A promotional piece for GigTown Radio featuring live performances from GigTown Radio artists and concert films