Affordable FLAT Rates.

Every Project is different but one thing is always the same. We're going to make the absolute most out of your budget.

Pricing video and film can be tricky; so we do everything we can to simplify the process. We offer simple flat rate hourly,  full-day and full-week pricing... which includes any and all equipment from our inventory as well as the base crew. That means a one-stop, one-price 100% professional result. 

Production (shooting)  flat rate of $250 per hour / $2000 PER DAY / $8000 PER WEEK.

This covers the base crew, all in-inventory gear. 99% of our small business, creative agency partner, corporate and artist productions can be accomplished with the base crew, base equipment inventory and at the base rate. PARTNER DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE.

Post-Production & Pre-Production flat rate $125 per hour / $1000 PER DAY / $4000 PER WEEK.

This is everything from editing, to color work, to audio production, animation, visual FX, motion graphics... as well as writing, location scouting, casting, auditioning, etc. PARTNER DISCOUNTS AVAILBLE, SEE BELOW.