Always something new to learn

We're going through a moment where we really need, as a film company, to begin bundling scalable marketing schemas and we need to get our systems for doing so to start acting systemic. It's a very interesting time for the company in that we've grown to this size organically, on the merit of work alone. But is it ever too late to value add? 

Of course, making great films is always number one but we're also very conscious of the need to support our business and agency partners with not just new content but increasingly valuable insights as to how when and where cinematic moments can be the most impactfully deployed. 

 This knowledge isn't only relevant to our small business, corporate and creative agency partners but to our artistic friends as well. Musicians struggle to get sometimes great music videos seen and it's important Frankly Cinematics be a resource for them. Likewise, and independent film's lifecycle can benefit immensely from the right trailer dropping at the right time, seen and heard. 

 Right now we're at a turning point and so we are spinning up new practices to be able to bundle audiences with the content. 

 Stay tuned.